The subcompact crossover segment has been blooming thanks to new vehicle such as the Honda HR-V and the Jeep Renegade. Now the premium market is ready to see an increase in the demand for small utility rides too.

One of the latest entries into the premium subcompact market has been the 2017 Audi Q2, however there is still room for more and the BMW X1 is going to make its presence known and it could make life more difficult for the Audi Q2 to climb.

The car maker has managed to increase sales around the world by around 5.5% has it has delivered over 140,000 vehicles to date and many of these have been crossovers and SUVs.

Sales growth of the Audi Q3 over in the US is around 45.6% and this means that when the Audi Q2 does arrive it may hit the ground at running speed, but perhaps not fast enough to catch the BMW X1.

The sales of the BMW X3 and the X4 have managed to reach double figures as the X1 did manage to double sales when compared to the same period of time last year. Over in the US though the crossover improved the numbers by around 80%, even with the 35% drop last month compared to that of August 2015.

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