2016 BMW M6 Offers Frozen Exterior that’s Cool But Not Practical

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BMW is offering the BMW M6 with the Frozen exterior and if you want this option you get the matte exterior on your vehicle.

There are many people who just don’t fancy the matte exterior as of course this isn’t as glossy as so some believe that it doesn’t look as good. However there are many who think that the matte colors do look superb on the BMW M6 and these people will be happy to hear that now it is an option.

The matte exterior isn’t the easiest of exteriors to care for and some say that its less practical than gloss as it can’t be simply washed the same and you need to take it to a different type of car wash.

If you want matte it also costs an additional $2000 on the BMW M6, but is it really worth it’?

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