2016 BMW M2 vs Ford Mustang GT350: Shocking Results

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A few years ago no one would have thought of making a comparison between the Ford Mustang GT350 and the 2016 BMW M2. Today however things are different and this is exactly what we are doing.

The BMW M2 comes in at about $51k and the Ford Mustang GT350 around $58k, so both are in the same price bracket and both are not cheap. The Mustang has 100 horses more than the M2 but it is 0.1 seconds slower and the seats in the back are virtually useless.

It does have independent rear suspension and Torsen differential that takes it around the corners very well but with some extras thrown in the Ford Mustang GT 350 will cost you about the same as the BMW M2.

Then you have to take into account the grunt of that V8 engine on the Ford Mustang GT350 and this is something that the engine cannot match on the BMW M2. But if you have the cash which would you go for?

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